Getting me through practically everything in life with an amazing group of people is the C3 Club– can’t imagine life or triathlon without them!


Every bike needs a set of fast wheels and Alto Cycling has me covered. The owner is a former pro cyclist so knows what it’s like to be an athlete and what we need in a wheel set. These wheels are ‘hella’ fast and at an affordable price.


Kristen Pawlick at Wishbone Athletics is a phenomenal massage therapist and has been keeping me injury free for my pro-career. No matter what the issue is she knows how to treat it and get me back into training as quickly as possible.


I have been riddled with run injuries for many years, but once switching to Skechers these have diminished significantly! My preference is the GoRun Forzas- a lightweight shoe that provides the stability I need without making the shoe heavy or clunky. A lot of science has gone into the development of Skechers shoes and I highly encourage everyone to give them a try.


Drew Korzeniowski from DKOS orthotic solutions has created some great orthotics for running, cycling, and recovery. Due to over-pronation in my right foot and the subsequent injuries that I have dealt with, these orthotics are designed to give me the support I need so that I can get back to pain-free, injury-free running. If  you have any lower body (knee/foot/shin/ etc.) issues I highly encourage you to pay Drew a visit to see if he can help you.

Official helmet and eyewear sponsor is Rudy Project!! I love their gear (i have several pairs of their bib shorts) and am super happy to be racing in a TT helmet now! If you are interested in their gear, come talk to me and I can get you a serious discount!!