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I was born in Australia but have been living in Canada since I was nine and a half (my parents are Canadian). I was not an athletic kid by any means, although I enjoyed soccer and being outside. I started to take running more seriously in grade 10, although this led me down a very dangerous path as the pressures of being a teenage girl, among other things, led to developing anorexia. I struggled with this through high school and first year university, where I took the second semester off to get healthy and switched schools to the University of Waterloo, for a new environment and a new life.

During my recovery I started to run again, a place where I could enjoy life, not have anyone nagging at me, and appreciate my body for what it could do and not what it looked like. This led to me joining the varsity cross country team in my first year and finally I felt like I belonged- it was truly a life saver. Disaster struck in second year with the development of a stress fracture (the first of many)- I dealt with this by taking up swimming and biking with gusto. Come the summer, I decided to compete at a couple of local triathlons with my brother. This first one provided a horrible, terrifying open-water experience, and I would have stopped there if I hadn’t been signed up for any more races. Fortunately I was, and the second race went spectacularly and I fell in love with the sport.

Fast-forwarding through the next couple of years, I won my age group at the ITU World Championships in both London and Edmonton, and decided to try out the half-ironman distance at a local race in Ontario- Barrelman. That race has so far been a once-in-a-lifetime awesome race, but it made me realize I had the potential to race a professional. With the help of Barrie Shepley, C3, and others, 2015 marked the start of my pro career- it has been exciting, stressful, fun, intimidating, educational, and so much more, but most importantly I am doing what I love and following my dream.

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