Thanks and Reflections on 2017

As always, when the season comes to an end it is a good time to sit down and reflect on what went well and what can be improved upon. Looking back at my post from the end of 2016, it was apparent that I was headed down a path that was going to leave me a broke and permanently injured twenty-something year old. Despite knowing I was over training, I had taken a very-high-volume approach for a couple of years, and it was not bringing about the results that I wanted. There are a couple of reasons for this continued persistence, but it was mainly that I found being solely a pro triathlete a fairly boring occupation. Training can’t take up a whole day, so there is a lot of down-time, which I didn’t like, and ended up with me spending a lot of time doing mindless exercise that was not contributing to, and in fact was detracting from, the training I needed to do.

Endless gratitude and thanks has to go to fellow C3 club member Kim Nelson, who hired me at her company Royal Containers, in a full time position, providing not only financial stability, but the much needed structure in my life. This inevitably led to a drastic reduction in training, which is exactly what I needed. Taking the financial worries out of my life felt like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and I was able to focus on my training, putting in quality workouts on a consistent basis.

Also a big thanks to my sponsors who stuck with me despite 2016 being a season that left much to be desired- Skechers Performance, Alto Cycling, Rudy Project, and Riplaces. And thanks to those who came on board believing that I was still capable of achieving great things in the sport- DKOS and Caledon Hills Cycling.



And thanks to C3, for the support, training partners, and incredible people who

are part of the club. It feels great to be able to celebrate the highs, commiserate in the lows, and get angry at race directors who cancel races prematurely, together. 😉


Rather than go into too much detail about the ins and outs of my swimming, biking, and running, I have made a graph of the totals, but most importantly have recorded the difference in average weekly volume between 2016 and 2017. A whopping 8.5 hours per week on average less training this year- which resulted in faster times across the board. The training from this year puts me more in line with what other pros are doing, and I still see room for optimization of how I use my time. I did not make it through the season entirely uninjured, so that is still a work in progress, but I spent less time injured this year than I have in any other previous year, so perhaps I am on the way to figuring out how to balance things such that my body holds up! 

Weekly Averages          
  Swim Bike Run Other Strength Average
2016 8hr 25min 15hrs 2hrs 50min 2hrs 55min 3hr 15min 32.5hrs
2017 6hr 50min 11hrs 3.5hrs 1hr 40min 1hr 5min 24hrs

Three biggest highlights of my season:

NYC Triathlon- smallest time gap to the leaders out of the swim that I’ve ever had, highest power output I’ve ever had for 40km in a triathlon, and followed that up with the fastest run split on the day (and tied my 10km PB). And broke 2hrs.

Chattanooga 70.3- passed Sarah True on the bike. Enough said. 😛

Road to Hope Half Marathon- Broke 1hr20min for 21.1km. A week

later and I’m still sore. 🙂

Thanks for reading and thanks for the support all season long. Time to embrace the off season!!



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