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So I guess I should provide a race report from Miami… I kept it brief as it’s honestly a day I would like to forget.

After having been injured for the past few months I was excited to head to Miami to get one last race in. I travelled Thursday and being out on my bike Friday I was extremely excited- the sun was shining, the roads are spectacular, and the weather was relatively cool. Unfortunately I woke up Saturday and headed straight to the bathroom to throw up. This set the tone for the entire day- I could not eat or drink anything without being sick minutes later. When I was still feeling dreadful at 7pm I e-mailed Barrie in a panic- do I race? what do I do? He assured me the world would not end if I was too sick to race, but to take things one at a time in the morning. I literally could not believe this was happening- I just wanted to wake up from the nightmare.

Sunday morning did not bring much change, although having not eaten it meant I wasn’t heaving my guts up. It was not until 90minutes to race start that I decided to ride my bike down to the start and do the swim. One thing at a time.

With almost 40 women in the field it was a big pack to start with, but things splintered pretty quickly. I felt like I was moving in slow motion and knew I was not in the pack I should be in, but I had three others to keep me company so I focused on staying with them. I was 4+ minutes down from the leaders when it should have normally been 2-2.5min. Onto the bike it was again like my body was moving in slow motion. By 40km I could not wait to get back to T2. My stomach was cramping so I had to keep getting out of the aero bars to let it settle down. About 55km in a fellow Ontario pro, Miranda Tomensen passed me and I knew that the best way to stay focused was to sit behind her (at 12m). I did this all the way back to T2 where I dismounted and walked through transition to the bike rack. I spent a couple minutes there looking at my bike and my running shoes while I drank a bottle of water. Eventually I decided I would try to run one mile and see how it went. This was the theme of the run- just one mile at a time, one aid station at a time. No matter how bad I felt, a DNF feels worse, so I just kept putting one foot in front of the other until I got to the finish line- exhausted, dizzy and still feeling disbelief that this is how my season ended.


It is easy to think the season was a total waste, but I have to remind myself to look at the things that were achieved rather than what wasn’t. Things were definitely on the right track prior to getting injured, with respectable results at big races and improvements from 2015. I held my own against single-sport athletes at some open water swim races and a bike race when I couldn’t run, and a 2hr14min bike split at Barrelman shows that I was doing something right on my bike this year.

I may also have found the biggest culprit to my running injuries (significant over-pronation on the right side) and now have orthotics from DKOS that will hopefully correct this and allow me to get more than 6 months of running in without getting injured.

I have also been coaching with a triathlon group in Dundas and am now a certified coach, so look forward to expanding on that. Moving forward I would like to place my focus on coaching rather than my own training, as the lack of balance that comes with pro-triathlon life is not something that is really working for me. I raced much better when I was juggling school and training and think that taking the pressure off my racing performance will see better results and a happier me. Contact info is under the “Coaching” tab above. I will also be leading a small women’s-only stream at the McMaster clinic in a month for anyone that is interested.

In the next week or so I will do a post on 2016 training as that seemed to be a popular post last year. Stay tuned!


Thanks to all those who have supported me this year

C3 Candian Cross Training Club


Wishbone Athletics

Alto Cycling

Neworld Cycle and Pro Shop

Rudy Project

DKOS orthotic solutions





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