Bracebridge- DNS

A few people have asked why i wasn’t at Bracebridge so here is the short answer- I injured myself training and so it hurts to swim and biking and running are impossible, ergo, no racing (or training for that matter). Frustrated, upset, angry, irritated, and disappointed don’t really even begin to describe how i feel. I kinda feel like doing something like this:   But obviously won’t since bikes are expensive. Hopefully next year things go better (its not like they could they be worse right?)
(yes i’ll be in Edmonton, and the athlete/competitive person in me thinks i can have a great race, but the realistic/logical part of me realizes that i likely won’t be able to have the race i want to have since i won’t be able to train for at least another week)



One thought on “Bracebridge- DNS

  • August 19, 2014 at 3:12 pm

    Kristen, so sorry to hear you're injured. I know how much you love water running, are you able to do that? How about TRX to keep muscle fitness.
    Take the time to heal properly, focus on next season and who knows — you'll be at some great race next season and Helen and I will pop out of the crowd with high fives and cow bells for you. Until then, take care of yourself,


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